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Specialized Hardware & Internet of Things Startups Accelerator and Incubator


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Everything You Need

Included in the program are all the manufacturing equipment and consumables you need for prototyping and producing small batches of your products (CNCs, 3D printers, electronics, etc), with full-time support from a dedicated team.

From Prototype to Market

FUSE.Works is a hard-core 12 month acceleration program that takes startups from idea / prototype to market / investment stage with continuous guidance and support from seasoned entrepreneurs. Our focus is to transform your startup into a successful company.

Acceleration with Funding

Hardware needs capital. We connect you with our Venture Capital Partners during the Application phase to ensure you and your startup have the adequate funding to go through the program. We’ll also help you prepare and raise your next investment round.

Helping entrepreneurs build hardware & Internet of Things companies that deliver great products and are insanely valuable.